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"The Aurora Soccer Academy is an advanced skills academy that aims to produce excellence in every individual through the game of soccer. We believe that mastering the foundational skills is crucial to performing at your best. We focus on control, balance, passing, awareness and coordination. We will help you to gain confidence, purpose, belief, to be encouraged and to be a leader. We have had Aurora members progress from playing in their local league to being selected for NPL clubs. Our experienced and knowledgeable coaches are welcoming and encouraging while at the same time have high expectations of each participant to commit their very best to every training session. The coaches are incredibly passionate about soccer and helping to develop children to be the absolute best that they can be. If you are serious about taking your game to the next level then come and experience Aurora"

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The Club realises that it is to diversify its programs to meet the changing needs of its Members. The Club's philosophy is to provide an environment that encourages player learning, skill development and best experience. Based on our philosophy the Club has identified that there are several areas where the introduction of an Academy can expand our current program ;

  • A player should have the opportunity for additional training, outside of team training to improve their skill development, confidence and experience in line with the FFA Curriculum.
  • A player may be new to the game, starting at a later age and will benefit from additional skills based training.
  • A player may wish to learn in a non competitive environment that will instil in them a level of confidence sufficient to join a competitive team at a later time.
  • A player may have other demands where they cannot commit to full training and competition but still wish to participate in the sport.
  • A player may just wish to participate in a social environment. 
  • Where teams are full, a player has another opportunity to remain with the Club and stay in a football learning environment.
  • If a player is not selected for a team (teams full, new to the game) the Academy may be recommended.
  • We will have football programs available for all players.

Academy Programs: 
Aurora will run Term programs. A player can participate for just 1 term or they may elect to participate for 1 or more terms. (A player MUST register for each term. Registration will open towards the end of each term for the next).

Group Program: 
This program is ideal for a player that is new to the sport or has played for a limited period. It will be split into 2 age groups to ensure that the program is delivered at an age appropriate level. Where a younger player displays more advanced skills, they may need to attend the later session to ensure the program also provides a balance within ability groups. 

Wednesdays Term 3 17th July  - 18th Sept  2019
6-11 years5:00pm - 6:00pm$160
12-16 years6:15pm - 7:15pm$160

Advanced Program: 
This program is ideal for players that have played for some time. They may wish to increase their level of training, technical ability & critical thinking in addition to their team training. Our Head of Youth Development in consultation with a team coach may identify players that may benefit from the Academy advanced program. This program includes the Wednesday group session. The program will be split into age appropriate and ability groups.

6-11 years      5:00pm - 6:00pm (Grices Road Reserve)$300
12-16 years      5:00pm - 6:00pm (Grices Road Reserve)$300
The Academy has its own uniform* ($50) which can be ordered from the Aurora Soccer Academy website (see program coordinator for sizing)

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* Cigno top, shorts & socks in Blue Sky (not navy socks pictured) available Junior Sizes 6-12 Youth Sizes XS-M.

Available for siblings. All discounts are offered through Aurora Soccer Academy.

All Aurora coaches are accredited with coaching qualifications. The program is run by Ash Filies. Ash has successfully run the Academy in Berwick for a number of years and with increase in numbers, Cranbourne will be an additional Aurora Soccer Academy site.

Ash Filies (Head Coach): Casey Comets Head of Youth Development, Casey Comets Senior Coach, Aurora Soccer Academy Director, FFA C-Licence coaching certificate.
Craig Hunter: Casey Comets Mens Reserves Coach, FFA C-Licence coaching certificate.
Allando Matheson: Casey Comets Senior player. An ex Canadian U17 international. A Casey Comets junior coach. Allando also has experience with junior Academy coaching.

From time to time, additional coaches may join the coaching team as part of the Club's coaching development.

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You can register for Term 3 (external link) AURORA SOCCER ACADEMY REGISTRATION 

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